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 Pecker - John Waters (1998)

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PostSubject: Pecker - John Waters (1998)   Thu Sep 25, 2008 1:56 pm

Pecker @ IMDb

First of all, John Waters is awesome. If you've never seen a movie by him, go get Polyester or Pink Flamingos.

Now for the review.

Pecker, a guy working in a sandwichshop, likes to take pictures of people. No matter what they do.
He organises an exhibition of his work at the sandwichshop, where a New York art galery manager discovers his photos. She offers him to exhibit his work over there and he becomes a famous photographer.
Not all is as great as it seems though. Fame has it's downside as well.

Great acting (especially by Furlong and Ricci), really funny story, with a lot of the underlying absurdity of Waters' later films. Makes me want to visit Baltimore sometime yess


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Pecker - John Waters (1998)
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