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 [In Search of Movies]

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PostSubject: [In Search of Movies]   Tue Aug 19, 2008 4:26 am

post all of your movie-enigma's here !!
all unsolved mysteries u have spooking around, or ambiguous productions that look suspicious, etc....
HERE's the PLACE for them !! Smile

to start the thread with a suitable enigma :

Xscape - Aaron Michael Lacey (2000)

it's a movie i stumbled on while exploring imdb
i've sought for a copy of this for an extensive period, no result
the trailers i've found so far on youtube suck (and look like uninspired, plain ugly videocaptures)

so... anyone know more about this movie, or can proove it's a fake ?
(can there exist non-existent movies/productions on imdb ?)

some teasers/trailers i've found

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[In Search of Movies]
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