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 Mind Game - Masaaki Yuasa (2004)

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Mind Game - Masaaki Yuasa (2004) Empty
PostSubject: Mind Game - Masaaki Yuasa (2004)   Mind Game - Masaaki Yuasa (2004) Icon_minitimeSun Apr 20, 2008 11:15 pm

Mind Game
From Masaaki Yuasa


Quote :
This award-winning film is a journey of self-discovery based on Japan's cult underground comic "Mind Game" by Robin Nishi. The story follows Nishi himself through the life experiences that directly inspired the semi-autobiographical "Mind Game" comic. As a college-age loser addicted to porn and aspiring to write seedy adult comics, Nishi aspires to overcome his addiction to perversion in a tale that is lighthearted yet painful and touching. What starts off as an innocent meeting between old friends quickly turns into a psychedelic extravaganza, filled with violence, sex, love, redemption, and the infinite possibilities of the human mind. Director Masaaki Yuasa rejoices in experimental animation techniques, filling the screen with virtuoso wackiness, mixing in rough lines and storyboards, then inserting photographic touches

So full of imagination this cartoon, a mix of many different techniques and genre as well, very nice one Very Happy
Sometimes very stupid but forgivable

Mind Game - Masaaki Yuasa (2004) Dvdregular
Mind Game - Masaaki Yuasa (2004) Img_mindgame

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Mind Game - Masaaki Yuasa (2004) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Mind Game - Masaaki Yuasa (2004)   Mind Game - Masaaki Yuasa (2004) Icon_minitimeMon Apr 21, 2008 1:46 am

Sounds great! Happy2

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Mind Game - Masaaki Yuasa (2004)
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