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 Super Troopers (2001)

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Edward Penishands
Edward Penishands

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PostSubject: Super Troopers (2001)   Tue Mar 25, 2008 12:15 pm


Quote :
The plot centers on five Vermont state troopers who seem to have more of a knack for pranks than actual police work. Most of their time is spent devising new ways of messing with the heads of the people they pull over, hazing the new recruit, "Rabbit", and tormenting their easily infuriated radio dispatcher, Farva, who has been exiled from patrol work because he, as later revealed during the credits, was involved in a fight with several students on a traffic stop of a schoolbus. Their days of pranking and slacking off are cut short when the troopers suddenly find themselves attempting to solve a murder, bust a drug-smuggling ring, and avoid having their post eliminated by the state's impending budget cut — resulting in their transfer, or quitting and "opening up a roller disco."

Great fun! I saw this movie a long time ago and liked it a lot. Saw it again yesterday and I lol'd like never before!

ranking: 7/10
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Super Troopers (2001)
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