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 Zavet - Emir Kusturica (2007)

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Zavet - Emir Kusturica (2007) Empty
PostSubject: Zavet - Emir Kusturica (2007)   Zavet - Emir Kusturica (2007) Icon_minitimeMon May 25, 2009 12:49 am

Zavet (aka Promise Me This)
From Emir Kusturica

Zavet - Emir Kusturica (2007) Zavet

Zavet - Emir Kusturica (2007) Thimdbci6

Quote :
Set outside Belgrade, an old man prays for his grandson to go to the city and bring back a wife

Moua, desapointing movie Sad
The least good of all Kusturica imo. It is just silly and anowing. Hard to say what is lacking, all elements are there: the fantasy touches, the music, the story, the imagination... the craziness as well, so it could have been good, but unfortunatly it is not, maybe it goes too far in the silliness and it has no emotion, nothing to make you care about any of these characters...
overall, To be forgoten...


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Zavet - Emir Kusturica (2007)
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